• Yeradis P. Barbosa Marrero

    Software Analyst/Developer/Android Geek

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    I am a tireless autodidact with a thirst for knowledge, I love challenges because they are the best way to beat me and testing me.

    My profile combines the study of various fields with expertise in developing software for the automated management of technological processes, as well as for industry, academia and government (mainly the civil service). Lately, my work has focused on the technical challenges of the architecture for software projects and the application of theoretical ideas from computer science to solve the needs using the most simple and straightforward way possible.

    Tags: (J2SE, J2EE, J2ME), c / c + + (managed too), c #, vb, vb.net, asp, asp.net, Object Pascal (Delphi), SQL, SQLXML, xquery, xpath, xml, xsd, html , css, actionscript, php, python, asm and others. Google AppEngine(python,java), Google Web Toolkit, Android(Java),Windows, Linux, Winmo (c + +,. Net), Symbian (J2ME)

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    Yeradis P. Barbosa Marrero

    Barcelona , Barcelona Spain
    mobile: +34.668.821.504

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