iOS Auto Layout Debugging Trick

Posted by on June 17, 2016

Debugging Auto Layout issues in most cases can be easy, but there are some times that this is not the case.

Specially when there is a “complicated” layout and your friend “the unsatisfiable layout error” is making your day a pleasure xD

Mainly because you (and me) don’t understand that log printed in the console.

Because, lets be honest, having a memory address reference plus the Auto Layout Visual Format Language is not something “human readable” (Not if you came from another languages, where the developer experience is better)

So, before you close this page, let me tell you the trick: accesibilityIdentifier and contraint identifier property.

As simple as that, use those properties and your printed log will turn into something almost friendly xD

Let me show you some examples.

Before using the accesibiltyIdentifier property and without constraint identifier:

After applying some accesibilityIdentifier:

Now, lets use the constraint identifier property:

Really nice, right?

Another nice thing we get using these properties, is that we can search in XCode for those identifiers :3

But lets go deeper.

What about the Visual Format Language ?

Having something like :

<NSLayoutConstraint:0x7fc0459d9d60 'id15' V:[cell_box(<=83)]   (Names: cell_box:0x7fc0436676c0 )>

Is something i think that can be improved and this is what i see now:

Don´t know about you, but for me having this:

<NSLayoutConstraint:id15[0x7fdb9b5cd8d0] UIView:cell_box[0x7fdb9b543e60].height <= 83>

Its something better.

Also, just in case, the address reference is there, but is something that can be removed.

I was able to get that format thanks to a category available in Mansonry

Specially the category that allows to override the NSLayoutConstraint description.

Check this:–hits-the-fan

But my interest was only related to override that console output to make it friendly.

So, in case you want to use it without depending on Mansonry, you can get a modified version available at:

And thats all folks.

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