I am a tireless autodidact with a thirst for knowledge, I love challenges and all the knowledge you get from them.

I enjoy making software tools that make our days be better.

To create these systems i usually use Python + Flask microframework + Jinja2 + MongoDB + some RDBMS + Nginx as a Reverse Proxy & CDN & Cache server with Memcached/Redis to build the API Backend.

To build the Frontend i usually use iOS/Android/Windows Phone/(PhoneGap Cordova). When building mobile hybrid applications or webapps i use jQuery, AngularJS and Ionic.

Even Node.js takes part in some of my projects.

The Backend usually run at some XaaS/*aaS/EaaS (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, MaaS[Monitoring Metal], CaaS, DRaaS, NaaS,BaaS,AaaS, FaaS, VaaS) like Google App Engine, RedHat Openshift, Heroku, AppFog, Stackato, CloudFoundry, even on custom VPS.

My main area of interest is Python because of its expressive power, but, I did several ASP.Net(C# and VB.Net), PHP, Java, Pascal (ISAPI webservices and Intraweb) web projects. I also developed Non web projects using these languages, even C/C++

I have a strong Functional and Object Oriented programming background. I accurately mix both styles to find easy solutions to complex problems.

I have extensive experience programming and maintaining a broad variety of database systems like SQL Server, Access, Interbase, MySQL, H2 and more. I prefer noSQL systems. MongoDB is my favourite, it feels much more appropriate for Python than relational databases. ChouchDB is nice too.

I am a long-time UNIX-based OS (Debian and RedHat based) and Windows user. I can administer and monitor Linux and Windows based machines. I am familiar with sendmail, bind9, iptables, ipchain, samba, webmin, ldap, dhcp, active directory, routing and remote access service (RRASS), IIS, Apache, Nginx, Glassfish, Tomcat, RabbitMQ, IBM WebSphere MQ, FirewallBuilder and more.


Feel free to email me about opportunities, or to just say hello!

Thanks for reading!