You have what is necessary? Ignore The Mobile Trend If You Dare!

Posted by on May 10, 2013

“Mobile” is the word on everyone’s lips these days, as consumers increasingly turn to their mobile phones, it is critical for all businesses to understand the range of “mobile conversions” that can occur.

More and more potential customers are going online everyday to check out latest deals and reviews as part of their decision-making process, which means that your businesses online visibility and presence on mobile is a vital point of contact.

Mobile search in particular. The growth levels of search through smart devices have eclipsed all past search growth trends and provides a big opportunity to all businesses with an online element.

Google studies have shown that mobile searches is a lucrative opportunity to be seized by any businesses. In partnership with Nielsen, Google analyzed over 6000 mobile searches and the actions that resulted, drawing precise and measurable connections between mobile searches and the online and offline conversions that they drive.

As always, first impressions are very important, and as mobile is fast becoming a businesses first introduction to their customers, businesses need to provide their mobile visitors with mobile-centric information and show that they value and respect their visitors.

In resume : Mobile must be an integral part of the online strategy of every businesses.

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