Create a Calendar event from web page info - Bookmarklet

Posted by on November 6, 2012

Someone asked me if I knew how to create an event in Google Calendar using the address of a contact.

To be honest, I did not know if this was possible. But after a little searching, I found it was something many were asking.

So i set this challenge: Make a Bookmarklet to create events using information from a web page.

Mainly contact information, but , I gave up this idea after trying to understand the page code of Google Contacts xDDDD

So, for the event i will use two sources of information:

1) The web page title 2) The text you select/mark on the web

This Bookmarklet will create a Google Calendar event with this info:

title            :  the title from the current web page. where        : here will appear the selected text     description : here will appear the selected text 

Here is the code, feel free to use it or improve it

javascript: var title=document.title; var url=’’; var space=’ ‘; var body, popw; if(document.selection) {     body=space document.selection.createRange().txt; } else if (window.getSelection) {     body=space window.getSelection(); } else if (document.getSelection) {     body=space document.getSelection(); } function buildCalendarURL(eventDetails) {     return “”     “&text=” eventDetails.title     “&location=” eventDetails.location     “&details=” eventDetails.details     “&sprop=” eventDetails.url; } var eventDetails = new Object(); eventDetails.title = escape(title); eventDetails.location = escape(body); eventDetails.details = escape(body); eventDetails.url = escape(location.href); url = buildCalendarURL(eventDetails); popw =,’gcal’,’scrollbars=yes,width=1000,height=600,top=175,left=75,status=no,resizable=yes’); if (!document.all) T = (setTimeout(‘popw.focus()’,50)); void(0);