Simple HTML5 Audio Streaming with Playlist for iOS

Posted by on September 14, 2012

In you want to make  a very simple iOS HTML5 compatible Audio player with Playlist support, then, this huge post is for you.

But do not bee fooled, this is a super complicated engineering technique…..

< audio src=”http://youserverurl/yourplaylist.m3u” type=”audio/mpeg” > < / audio > 


YES!!! That’s all you need to have an HTML5 Audio player with Playlist support on your iOS device.

Sure you already knew that the AUDIO parameter SRC accepts an url to a mp3 file, or a live streaming broadcast like those provided by Icecast servers, so, here is another way using a M3U playlist format.

**yourplaylist.m3u **is just a simple text with this content:


http://yourserverurl/mymusicforlder/track1.mp3 http://yourserverurl/mymusicforlder/track2.mp3 http://yourserverurl/mymusicforlder/track3.mp3

… (this means more lines, a music by line)